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Car Windshield Replacement

At San Diego Mobile Auto Glass, our customers have been our number one priority since we first opened our doors to the business. The safety of both yourself and your auto passengers is important to us and we believe is the number one reason to get your car glass repaired or replaced with the need arises. Most auto owners do not realize that when your windshield does not have its original factory integrity, your airbags may fail to function properly. This is due to the fact that the passenger side airbags are designed to bounce off of the windshield before they expand to protect your passenger. If the windshield has suffered significant damage, then the airbag’s force may push it out the front of the vehicle vice having it bounce back to protect the passenger. Additionally, if you let pesky windshield chips go, they can quickly turn into cracks due to temperature changes over night or even during our odd rain storms. Once the crack grows, the glass becomes more fragile, and requires a full replacement. If you find yourself in this situation, then San Diego Mobile Auto Glass is here to help.

Our team has been together for more than 19 years helping our clients in the greater San Diego area with their needs, and we know how to get the job done right when it comes to a car windshield replacement. While getting your windshield glass replacement or even repaired is a hassle, our highly trained mobile repair teams will bring a fully capable auto repair shop to your desired location throughout the local area to help save you precious time and money. In many cases, we can have a team dispatched to you on the same day depending on what time your give our staff a call. We never charge you extra money for the convenience of enjoying our mobile service, and our customers love the quality of work that we deliver on a consistent basis. All you need to do is give our staff a call today with any question that you might have, and we will be glad to answer them. We truly believe in educating our customers so you know the importance of taking care of your car glass.

(619) 488-6305